Guided Tours

Guided Tours

All of our tours are guided by our knowledgeable and trained staff. The tours are catered to you specifically. Each tour is unique, from seeing a Bald Eagle, to checking out Emerald Bay or some of our secret spots at D.L. Bliss, you’ll be creating memories that you will never forget!

Half Day Tours: $150

On all tours we will provide refreshments and a light snack to make sure you are hydrated and nourished.

Full Day Tours: $250

On the full day tour there is a lunch provided by our staff. Any special dietary needs will be happily accommodated, please notify us 48 hours in advance to properly assist you.

Summer Sunset Tour  $100

Summer sunset tours are available by reservation only. Sunset paddling is most enjoyable in the spring, summer and fall months, (May thru September) with clouds reflecting brilliant colors upon the waters of Lake Tahoe.

South Tahoe Guided SUP Tours

Guided Tours of South Tahoe