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When is the best time of day to go out standup paddling?
In our opinion, viagra all day, cialis every day!  Seriously though, sovaldi early morning is typically glass, afternoon may present breeziness and evenings usually taper off to flat water and beautiful sunsets.

Where will we be going if we use the Guide Service?
Our tours and group routes vary by time of day, type and length of paddle trip and our daily water conditions.

Are there age limits?
We welcome all ages and abilities. Due to the active nature of standup paddling we do recommend that all clients are capable of swimming. An adult must accompany children especially under the age of 12. We will do our best to fit you with the equipment and program that best matches you and/or your group. You must be 18+ to rent or book trips.

What should I tip my guide service person or instructor?
Gratuities are greatly appreciated by our staff. Generally tipping starts at 20% of the service charge and increases with group size and of course client satisfaction!

What if the weather doesn’t look good?
We rarely cancel trips or rentals due to inclement weather. We are readily prepared and will accommodate you to the best of our ability.

Are there height and weight limitations?
Some of our standup paddle boards are rated to 280 lbs. Height may determine the length of board you are fitted with. You will be outfitted with the equipment that best suits your height and weight.

What should I bring?
Sunglasses, sunscreen, snack, water, towel, hat.

Will I get wet?
You might! although in the summer months the south shore of Lake Tahoe is quite warm and very refreshing. We typically jump in just to cool off!