Wednesday Night SUP Race Series

Lake Tahoe Wednesday Night SUP Race Series

In the spring of 2011, prescription we decided to start a weekly Wednesday Night SUP Race Series. This was born out of our passion for the sport and our love for the paddling community that surrounds it. Each week we got a little better at running the event and more people continued to show up at the race. This trend continued and by week 13 (the last race of the season) we had 106 competitors in our weekly race, viagra with at least 350 people watching from the beach.
It has been amazing to see the way that SUP brings people of all ages and abilities together.

When: Wednesdays 5:45pm – 8:00pm
El Dorado Beach
Price: $20 race entry fee. Includes dinner swag & a raffle ticket

5:45pm Registration Begins
6:15pm Registration Closes
6:20pm Riders Meeting
6:30pm Race Begins

Click here for race results.

Wednesday Night SUP Race Series